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nexus of city of atlanta and suburban cobb county, thus making it an "unincorporated" area and not subject to property taxes. a sort of geo-political lacunae home to a dense cross-section of upper-middle class to upper class white families and yuppies from a spectrum of ethnicity.

notable breeding ground for northwest atlanta Bo-Bo and Prep culture.

where white people live that attend Campbell.

to wear a baseball cap that has been consciously mutilated by riding over it in a jeep wagoneer or on a cannondale mountain bike.
"Beau is fitted up in a UVA hat, Chacos and an LL Bean flannel; I didn't realize he was from Vinings."

"Marie Clare is kinda skinny but lives in Vinings. So you know her mom's still a dime piece."

"Willy's was closed, so we just got lit and astrotraveled around Vinings for a minute."
by enkidoo October 25, 2007
The Vietnamese translation is gôi sâ'y. Offered at a number of haircare or beauty salons in SE Asia and China, which can be ubiquitous in some areas. The headjob is a combination head and face massage and shampoo. Genererally costs between US$0.75 and US$3. Lasts on average 30 min. Can at times inspire sublime or euphoric feelings.
"Hoa Linh told me Hoang pitched a semi-erection while he was getting headjobbed."

"Damn nappy-headed hippies backpacking Thailand -- didn't someone tell them they can buy a headjob for 40 baht?"
by enkidoo October 26, 2007

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