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A hippy who likes metal and frequently goes to rock clubs/gigs. They often like psytrance also.

Mippies dress like hippies, often have real dreads and usually enjoy taking drugs, especially psychedelic ones. They love going to festivals like Glastonbury but also the metal festivals too.
"I went to Glastonbury last year. Shared a massive tent with a hippy, a rock chick and this really hot mippy that gave me some awesome shrooms."
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009
Emoth (ĭ-môth)

An emoth is an emo that likes a limited amount of goth music and fancies both emo and goths. Most emos only breed with emos; an emoth is an exception to this rule. They mostly dress emo, listen to emo and usually don't like any proper old school goth music but will own music by bands like HIM and Deathstars.
"I couldn't believe my luck last night. I pulled this well fit emo. It all made sense when I got back to hers and saw the HIM CD's. Turns out she was an emoth."
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009
A person so obsessed with special offers that it becomes a mental illness causing them buy things they don't want just because they're on special offer.

Often they buy so many things on offer that they have to give much of it away to friends and family.
"My dad is the world's biggest spoffer! Once in a shop he tried on this jacket and knew it was too small for him but bought it anyway simply because it was less than half price."
by enigmacrypt April 15, 2009
Spack Metaller (spāk mět'l-lər)

A type of black metaller (a fan of the heavy metal sub-genre 'black metal') who takes black metal way too seriously and thinks only really badly recorded early Emperor, Burzum etc is troo and kvlt.

They're so full of hate for everyone who isn't as spack metal as them and actually worship satan whilst working at places like burger king.

If you get two or more spack metallers together they can be dangerous. They'd blow up a Cradle Of Filth gig if they knew how!
"That spack metaller who serves fries in Burger King tried to beat up my cousin for wearing a Cradle Of Filth t-shirt."
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009

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