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2 definitions by english15

sidewalk shuffle

the awkward dance that results when two people approach each other from opposite directions, each attempts to move out of the other's way, and both end up moving in the same direction. Often followed by further ungainly movement, apologies, and awkward laughter.
Ugh, I just ran into Prof. Smith in the hall and we did the sidewalk shuffle. It was so awkward.
by english15 July 22, 2009
(noun) - a person who feels compelled to constantly update his/her facebook status with irrelevant, uninteresting messages. "Statdicted" is an adjectival form used to describe such a person.
Jane just updated her FB status from "had cheerios for breakfast" to "sneezed three times." Seriously, no one cares. She is such a statdict!


She is so statdicted!
by english15 July 22, 2009