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When a person visiting for the holidays turns the water off to the toilet and flushes to leave the bowl dry. They then leave a large fecies in the bowl, shut the lid and walk away.
While visiting my girlfriends parents for the holidays I left them a chocolate turkey 15 minutes before we departed.
by Englebert November 25, 2006
While the word gaviscon is commonly attributed to a certain brand of heartburn and indigestion treatments, it has a completely different meaning that has not entered even the simplest of household vernaculars.

It means:
1) A ridiculously incompetent or underperforming individual in a particular area,
2) An extremely prevalent disappointment,
3) A person whose vocabulary routinely involves profanity and biological accusation and is generally a cock,
4) Something with low-standards.
1) The way Mary handles spreadsheets is disgusting. I have half a mind to fire that gaviscon.

2) Mate! You see that fookin' goal last night? What a fookin' gaviscon mate!

3) "You all fondle children and **** yourselves in the ****ing ******* you ****ing ******"
"Sod off, you gaviscon."

4) Hello, I'm Jeremy Clarkson, and you're watching Top Gear.
by englebert June 11, 2012

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