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Myles i usually the dude with that huge dick that every body loves and chicks love to have sex with.Also is an amazing person and is not to be mistaken will a miles.
A miles is usually a dude with the short dick and plays WoW all day and jerks off every other night to Justin Bieber with a female body so it isn't completely gay. A Miles might usually get depressed if a Myles is around

If your friends with a Myles call your self lucky because he will be your best friend ever.For chicks that know a Myles you need to get his great personality and nice ass.Myles has a unique flirting style but when he does..... you know you like it.
"hey miles
"did you see that guy on t.v last night
*yeah that guy is sooo awesome
"you know what!?
"i think that's a Myles
*OH wow i......i need to go home....i need to be alone (starts singing baby)
"umm ok?
by engirion December 11, 2010

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