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Hella bad, wack, intense, gnarly.

However, when relating to musical or athletic events, or members of the opposite sex connotations are positive.
Yo you see that nooty bift down the street? Did you see her grill? Boofendaw, that shit was krastic.

I got stung on my nipple and my dickhead. Shit was krastic.

A: Hello friend. Did you enjoy the Portland Symphony's performance last night?
B: Hell yeah mother fucker! Beethoven's Op. 23 was so krastic! Damn I wanna hear that shit again.
by enemyrobertsmith August 30, 2009
Generalized expletive exclamation, typically referring to drug and prostitution disputes.
Boofendaw, I stubbed my toe on the ho's heel.
A: Yo so that's $200 for the zip, right?
B: No, man, it's $250.
A: Boofendaw! That's a mad krastic price.
by enemyrobertsmith August 30, 2009

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