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1 definition by emoinkirkland

a person who has the ability to change into a wolf-like creature. they can do this of there own free will but are forced to change whenever the moon is full. they usually have hightend senses and seem to attract humans with a kind of pheramon. some believe that when they change they loose control of there actions and the animal inside takes over. but i believe that if they exist they can control what they do and where they go. it is suspected they area alergic to silver, and wolfs bane. getting bitten by one of these creatures ensures you will become one. there is also having unprotected sex which will also cause one to become a werewolf. there are also other myths, such as drinking from the footprint of a werewolf, or drinking downstream from a pack. its said that the werewolf that sired you cannot physically harm you without harming himself, so he must have other members of the pack do so. i dont believe that but....whatever. the status of the pack is pretty similar to that of a regular wolf pack. a male and a female alpha are the leaders, fallowed by the beta. of course, there are also rogue wolves who live on there own. the only way that a werewolf can be cured, (if this is even possible) is to kill the wolf that sired him/herself.
the pack of werewolves changed as the moon rose...and embraced the sweet night....
by emoinkirkland June 27, 2006