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basically a flower child that appreciates black, and likes to cry themslves to sleep.

emo hippie: dresses in a black hoodie and bellbottoms, or skinny jeans and tyedie, loves the world, weed, and acid, but hates themselves, does infact put hendrix and dashboard in the same playlist, goes to concerts, gets trashed out of their minds, then cries

a mix of two totally different worlds... yet it seems to work...
stupid person: emo!!!

emo hippie: whatt duude? you need to chill

stupid person: go slit your wrists

emo hippie: the power of jimmi compells you... im gonna go cry now
by emo.get.over.it August 21, 2007
abbreviation of: totally amazing and yummy.

can be used to describe a peron, an activity, really... anything you can come up with.
girl 1: omygah! that guy is soooo taay!
girl 2: i nooo, hes so sexi!

girl 1: your invited to my party on friday
boy 1: taay

by emo.get.over.it August 23, 2007
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