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1 definition by emmytbird08

A large school (25,000+ students) located in Charlotte, NC.

UNC Charlotte was rated one of the Top Ten National Up and Coming Universities by US News and World Report in 2009.

UNC Charlotte is proud to have approximately 900 passionate and committed faculty members (of the full-time instructional faculty, nearly 85% hold the highest degrees attainable in their fields). More than 70,000 living alumni -- with an addition of 4,000 to 4,500 new alumni annually - are a testament to the strength of the students in the university community.

Average Class Size: 33
Student-Faculty Ratio- 15:1

The best school in the UNC system.
Great Nursing program and one of the top Business programs in the country.

Has one of the two architectural schools in the state of North Carolina.

Often confused for UNC Chapel Hill, which is an entirely different, inferior school.
Where are you going to college?

Dude, I don't even know. I got into UNC Charlotte and Harvard

Is that even a question? Go to UNCC!
by emmytbird08 April 27, 2011