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a stupid freaking yellow sign that most commonly mothers put on their car window to signify the fact that a baby is "in the car" Which basically means drive carefully which you should be doing anyway and who cares? Good on you for having a baby, you dont have to share it with the world because surprisingly no one else cares.
Franz: "Oh look, those people have a baby on board, i can tell by that yellow sign that hangs in their window."

Citronella: "How stupid, what are we meant to do? Drive slower? Donate some money? Beep our horn? What are they trying to prove. Friggen idiots."

Franz: "Citronella you are perfectly right."
by emmo (not emo) August 15, 2006
panic at the disco are seen to be emo but alas that is not true for if they were i would not bother to listen to them.
Panic! at the disco = mighty good band worth listening to.
em: "simon, have you heard of panic at the disco?
simon: "ahhh McNo, are they McGood?"
em: "they go beyond good"
simon: "McCool"
by emmo (not emo) August 15, 2006
sticks is used to empahsise the word woot. wooting. or wooter. used after woot because its cool. woot sticks must only be said by cool people. or by legends. it can also be used when excited.
em: simon, lets go camping in the holidays.
simon: fo shizzle, woot sticks
em:i agree woot sticks.
simon:Falls festival
by emmo (not emo) October 02, 2006

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