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its when youve smoked ALOT of weed and you become so high where your legs feel funny and the room spins and weird stuff starts to happen to you and everything is just brilliant and bright and wonderful this is when you have indeed become hella high.
oh man i just smoked 2 big blunts and now im hella high"
by emmakitty August 21, 2009
its when you get stoned and go to the store for munchies or other stuff that you find interesting. whats in your cart when you checkout is your own "stoner cart"
hey lets go get us a stoner cart!
by emmakitty May 29, 2009
name for a garbage or rubbish truck in the united kingdom. they come down your street and noisly pick up your rubbish.
hey look there..a bin lorrie is coming down the road
by Emmakitty September 08, 2009
its when your out of weed and your scrounge around looking for bits of it to put together to make one last one to smoke.
also called a junk joint for people who want to be specific about mixing weed with tobacco.
It looks like I'm out of weed but I've found enough to make one last junk blunt.
by emmakitty February 19, 2010
border leechers are people who leech off a bigger city or other state that is nearby them. they also tend to be from other states.
perfect example would be how hudson wisconsin leeches off the twin cities metro area in minnesota. they are not minnesotans they are border leechers.
by emmakitty November 24, 2006
pronounced: high-een-a
it refers to someone who has just smoked weed and starts laughing uncontrollably.
Gosh, my boyfriend just smoked a blunt and nows hes laughing like a highena.
by emmakitty July 05, 2009
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