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A girl who:
-doesn't like to be messed with
-hangs out with a Monique,Rose,or Angel
-likes a guy but won't tell him 'cuz she's a tomboy
-stays on the computer for hours at a time
-is the smartest in class but when it comes to common sense,she's totally corrupt
-will NOT wear a skirt(usually)
-is pretty hot but will kill you will the Death Stare
-will faint if you make her say she hates her favorite thing in the world
Guy 1:Dude,what happened? It looks like you messed with Emilee.
Guy 2:I...didn't know...*falls to the ground and blood runs out of his mouth*
Guy 1:...holy crap,you did mess with her.
by emjmaainplgaeane December 08, 2010

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