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a country where the beer isnt watered down, the best bands/actors/comediens come from, the sex is amazing, women can walk around topless if they should so desire, its legal to marry boys or girls, where the health care is free, people are polite, the population speaks english and for the most part french, the people arent fat, a pretty girl can walk home alone at 1 in the morning, its not cold all year round, its spelled favourite, colour, centre, metre, honour etc, americans go to escape pure evil (bush), and where all the cool kids live! (by the way... weeds not legal here...)
A conversation in french canada... or in an english canadian classroom
-bonjour (good day)
-salut (hi)
-comment ca va? (how are you?)
-ca va bein, merci et vous? (im good, thank you and yourself?)
-ca va tres bein! (im very good!)
by emilyiscanadian April 17, 2006
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