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to take one's stuff
THAT BITCH just deboed my shit!
by emily b January 03, 2004
A fictional character in the series of books from J.K. Rowling that is the best friend of the protagonist "Harry Potter." Ron is played by the british actor Rupert Grint.
"Ron. Ron! Would u get of my arm?!"
by emily b June 06, 2004
When you are drunk off you ass and what not!
Hey is it time to drive? NO 'CAUSE I AM SHITFACE DRUNK!
by emily b January 03, 2004
what you say when u hurt yourself or are mad.
God i tripped over the steel thing FUCK SHIT PISS!
by emily b May 08, 2004
One whom is rude to you you in person or behind you back and they are so ugly that their face looks like a big pimply ass.
Yesterday my friend was being an Ass Face
by emily b May 08, 2004
When a girl is being a real prick to you about something you do not understand or did not know about.
GOD DAMN IT I am going to sign offline because she is being a really Bitch Anus
by emily b January 03, 2004

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