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used for someone or something that/who is cool. it is an adjective. like calling someone trippy.
Leigh: that guy has amazing hair!
Erin: I know. it's so pedden!
Leigh: His clothes are pedden too!
by emd1as January 13, 2010
(pronounced scar-farm-pit)

used to describe someone who makes you want to vomit either because they stink like farm. Or it could be because you just don't like them at all. or it can be used to describe a disgusting stench.

ps. can be used as a plural or a noun or a plural noun.
1. you are such a scarfarmpit johnny!

2. look at those scarfarmpits! they stink!

3. that place scarfarmpits.

4. what a scafarmpity sweater.
by emd1as January 13, 2010
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