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Battlefield 2, like the name implies, is distinctively broken up into 2 different definitions that usually coherently apply.

1. Battlefield 2 is a combat flight sim that provides the user with the most realistic environments ever conceived. Unlike Flight Sim X, there are actually destructible environments, vehicles, and civilians on the ground.

2. Battlefield 2 is one of the most realistic terrorist training simulations publicly available. Users can select the Special Ops class, which happens to be a pseudonym for "suicide bomber", and can attach volatile explosives to the front of their vehicles to be used for leeway into the mansion of 40 virgins. These are most prominently dune buggies, terrain jeeps, transport choppers, but are certainly not limited to ATVs and jet skis in Special Forces.
Battlefield 2 Definition #1
Two buddies in vent on Gulf of Oman:

1. elvandar01: "Spawn at olive hill?"
2. Stealth Pyros: "Sounds good."

-5 seconds later of waiting on spawn-

3. elvandar01: "Alright let's do diss!!"
4. Stealth Pyros: "Jeeps up get i-."
Jet Whore Su-34 elvandar01
Jet Whore Su-34 Stealth Pyros

Battlefield 2 Definition #2
Two buddies in vent on Gulf of Oman:

1. elvandar01: "lmao dude this is gonna be hilarious, spawn at construction site we'll get the buggy"

-6 seconds later-

2. elvandar01: "alright let's load it up, get in"

elvandar01 C4 Armor Whore
elvandar01 is no more.
elvandar01 Teamkills Stealth Pyros

3. Armor Whore: "admin can u ban elvadnar pls 4 ramming"
by elvandar01 April 27, 2009

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