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usually an exclamation and not a statement, legen (wait for it) dary is the word legendary, broken only to be taken to greater heights by a master
MLVR to LVS - "Your energy receiving skills and your mastery of my friction generator when applying my letters in liquid energy to your fantastic curves is legen (wait for it) dary!"

LVS to MLVR - "I appreciate your own mastery dear lavalier."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
one with dominion over the application of their mind
MLVR - "I post as a master."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
foolishness of the type tom would engage in
"Enough of this greeked tomfoolery. It's called lavaliered."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
having been drawn upon with liquid energy from a lavalier, the letters of his brotherhood.
LVS - "I got lavaliered last night! I think he loves me!"

Fellow LVS - "I'm sooo happy for you! That means you might one day be engaged, right? Does that mean you're officially dating!?"
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
a clam filled soup that is eaten by new englanders. usually found with clam cakes, and crakers.
damn this is some good chowda.
by elric21 October 28, 2004
a penis; capable of ejaculating ejaculate (which is also known as liquid energy)
LVS - "And then I took his friction generator and lavaliered myself with his liquid energy, making me his and elevating him to LL master."

LVS hopeful - "Oh that is so romantic."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
writing your initials on a girl with liquid energy, (ejaculate); it only counts if it is your own ejaculate
"I really like this girl. I think I'm going to do some branding tonight."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012

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