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The description of physical activity used in Facebook comments, emails and other online social networks to enable the reader to imagine the physical action/reaction of the writer. Confined between two asterisks (*).
*rolls eyes*
*slinks out of the room*
*crawls under the desK*
*smacks Joe upside the head* are imaginactions
by Elmo621 September 15, 2010
Much like the homewrecker, a threadwrecker interferes with the natural flow and order of things, e.g. a thread of comments related to a post on Facebook.
That jerkwad is such a threadwrecker on Facebook!!

Post: JANE DOE is deciding between pizza and mexican food for dinner.

NJ: Oh, I would def have pizza!
ST: Have you tried Jose's Cantina? Awesome?

JW: Hey Jane, is your grandmother out of the hospital yet or did she die already?
by elmo621 November 22, 2010

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