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this stupid online tee shit store that decided it wanted to take boring slogans that don't even make sense and put them on girls with boobs you know are totally fake.
who people would be that stupid to buy a shirt from snorg tees
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011
those ads that might as well scream i have mental issues and get paid to bother the public with it
these noise bot ads are so annoying the creator has issues
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011
the devil on earth you can't escape. its like a dark shadow that sucks out your soul.
run from mom shes evil you just dont belive it
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011
people who don't fit in with nerds,preps but usally find a way to find others like them and collect together.
don't go to that corner over there its full of outsiders
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011
guys that are man sluttish not acual sluts but sluttish. thats what man whorish is, dumping one girl for another, cheating, and such.
that dude is always clinging to all the girls hes so man whorish
by ello kitty 1515 September 13, 2011
To remember or memorize. the mix of two words that mean the same thing to remember something or to memorize something
hey did you rememberize the cheats for this weeks test
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011

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