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Having your enlistment military extended because the president sent you to an unwinnable war!
Lt. Delaney's platoon just got bushwacked for another six months
by elihu root July 31, 2006
For males - having sexual intercourse
To dip his wick with most of the girls in class is Al's greatest wish.
by elihu root July 31, 2006
Slang term for Ypsilanti, Michigan, due to the onetime preponderance of persons from Southern states,who migrated there to work in the auto factories.
I come from Ypsiltucky, ma'am
by elihu root July 29, 2006
same as moulinyan; pejorative Italian slang for a black person
Hey Guido, he's a mul!
by elihu root July 29, 2006

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