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4 definitions by elhelmete

When you hve a friend that constantly has a Bluetooth headset in his ear, wait until he falls asleep, remove the headset, and drop a nice firm turd along his ear. Then go to another room and call his cell. There ya have it: Browntooth at work.
If Fayed doesn't remove that damn bluetooth earpiece soon, I'm gonna give him a Browntooth when he takes his disco nap.
by elhelmete August 28, 2008
4 4
You're getting a BJ from a chick and just as you're about to cum, you pullout, jam your erect penis (the pipe) in her left nostril, and flip your nutsack (drape) over your dick.
I gave Emily the old pipe and drape last night and my nuts hurt.
by elhelmete November 10, 2006
9 11
noun: a coach bulkhead seat, i.e., no other seats in front of you so you have some extra legroom.
I was on the redeye to NYC and I got bumped to Portuguese first class.
by elhelmete November 10, 2006
16 18
Verb and noun. When you approach a woman lying on her stomach at the beach and offer to put sunblock on her back. She agrees, but rather than reach for the tube of Coppertone, you quietly and quickly rub one out onto her back and apply.
I was chillin' at Zuma Beach and that damn Hagop tricked me into an Armenian Sunblock again.
by elhelmete May 25, 2011
11 16