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2 definitions by el_barto

What to say to someone when they're getting too excited about something (can be anything).

Another way of saying "Calm down!".
A: (Person getting too excited about something)

B: Ok man, keep your pants on!
by El_Barto October 20, 2004
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Going on a day trip for skiing/snowboarding where you leave home early in the morning and return home that night, instead of renting a hotel room for one, or having an extended stay of more than one day.
Person A: "Why weren't you at work yesterday?"
Person B: "We did a soldier mission to Wolf Creek, left Albuquerque at 4am, were on the slopes by 9am, then got back in town about 9pm. Im exhausted from all the driving, but the pow was worth the trip!"
Person A: "Nice man, but you better hope the boss-man doesn't find out!"
by el_barto December 02, 2012
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