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The state of a given situation immediately prior to its becomming a clusterfuck, fuckeree, or double sided charlie fucking foxtrot with cherries on top. Sheer irreversable badness that hasn't fully manifested yet. To be differentiated from merely 'fucked up' by the foreknowlege of those involved of impending extreamly serious and resounding consequences, be they physical, mental, or in any way related to your girlfriend.
You guys didn't smell the fire back here!?...oh we got a truck load now goddamn it, a real jubanubba.

Whaddya mean 1500 dollars!? The car's not even worth that! What's the name of this godforsaken town anyway, jubanubbaville?

by el sean o May 15, 2006
A delicate high-risk procedure rarely put into practice because of its difficulty rating. First drink three beers (no more than three, you need courage, but also your wits). Now drive to the 'patient's' house and park as close to his bedroom window as possible. The tricky part: enter the house stealthily and make your way to the 'patient's' room. Go to the window and open it. Then, with great care, tie a string snugly around the base of the 'patient's' ballsack and drop the other end out the window. Sneak out. The hard part is over. Outside, pick up the loose end of the string and go to your car. Tie the string to your rear bumper. The fun part: to wake up the 'patient,' yell something crazy like 'turkeys! Fucking turkeys everywhere!!' When the baffled patient comes to the window, step on the gas. As you peel out, yell 'thanks for your ballsack motherfucker!'
In the unlikely event that you are pulled over by a police officer and he/she wonders why you are driving half-drunk in the middle of the night with a fresh ballsack tied to a string trailing your car, just say 'I have just performed a sacectomy' and you will be immediately released.
Dude ripped me off in a turkey deal last thanksgiving so I gave him a sacectomy.
by el sean o March 04, 2008
In the heat of the moment you forget to line up an actual version of "Never Gonna Give You Up" when rickrolling someone, so you just start singing the song yourself. The overall shoddyness and ill preparation of the manual rickroll prank actually make it much funnier than the automated version.
fred: hello?

ginger: uh, never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

fred: ah yes, the manual rickroll.
by el sean o May 15, 2009

That indescribable paralyzing feeling that accompanies the onset of essay and exam season near the end of a college or university semester. By a true stroke of brilliant dramatic irony, the fear strikes when you have the most at stake (or the most to do) and, having set in, forbids you to get anything done at all. Beautiful.
I hate to say this, but I think this place is getting to me, I think I'm getting the fear.

Calm down, you'll get over it.

How much money can you lend me? I have to leave the country.

Just sit the fuck down man, it'll pass.

This is serious man, one more hour in this school, I'll kill someone. Come on, I wanna leave fast.
by el sean o November 19, 2007
Characterized by compulsive use of the word 'wii' to prefix any word in any language. Common in serious Wii addicts who live almost exclusively in their own 'Wii-ality'. In extreme cases, victims may become totally lost in their Wii-ality forever, losing jobs and relationships, and becomming strange creatures of darkness with huge muscular right arms.
A: 'You don't spend any time with me anymore.'

B: 'Hang on I'm almost finished this PGA tour event.'

A: 'I'm leaving.'

B: 'Oh come on, wii-lese dont go...I can change, wii-lieve me, I can put this thing down anytime I wii-ant.'

A: 'You clearly have Involuntary Wii-cabulary Syndrome (IWS) and need help, good luck.'

B: 'Fine, if wii can't wii-ork it out, then wii can't and thats just fine with wii.'
by el sean o August 27, 2008
When a female leaves a scoial establishment of any kind with at least one black man--and you just know she'll be hurting tomorrow.
Don't look now but Jess is blacking out.
by el sean o March 23, 2009
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