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What happens when young Asian males attempt to increase their penis length with a pair of pliers, a rope and a Honda motorcycle, concluding in the dismemberment of a perfectly normal 3 inch penis.
Holy fucking shit, I feel like as if I've lost my viriginity once again to an angry midget!
by ekoshyun July 01, 2003
1. The Asian manifesto of life, creation, and sex. He who knows everything and anything, a pansy of a killer, and desires to name his wife a rice queen one day.

2. A deadly unreleased penis with little known desire for porn.

3. Naked smiling Safeway shoppers.
My fucking ekoshyun hasn't been stroked ever since Yao Ming boned my sister.
by ekoshyun June 30, 2003
When you witness a naked Vietnamese man in a shower with his niece biting off his pubic hairs.
Holy mother of god, I think those Tung Kee nips stole my daughter!
by ekoshyun June 30, 2003
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