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No, Bobby, just because the Nintendo commercial said "Now you're playing with power!" doesn't mean you get to plug this pair of scissors into an electrical outlet!
by ekolis September 23, 2013
A game consisting of trying various search terms in the hopes of finding one with the least (but still nonzero) number of results.
My best Google golf score is one. I typed in my name, and got my homepage, and nothing else. Apparently I'm a nobody. But at least I got an unbeatable score!
by ekolis January 25, 2014
The sexual reward one receives for winning a match of Super Smash Bros. That is, your controller vibrates. You know what to do.
Yeah! I just beat Pikachu with Samus' screw attack! I got the jigglies!
by ekolis December 08, 2013
A vehicle, especially a spaceship, that travels faster in reverse than going forward, just like any of the ever-retreating bosses from the Star Fox games.
Klingon honor demands that you not fight like a Star Fox boss!
by ekolis December 08, 2013
A lawn which is well cared for on the front side of the house, but in disarray on the back, much like a mullet - "business in the front, party in the back".
The Hendersons have such a mullet lawn. It's just like their marriage - they're always putting on their best face for the neighborhood, but deep down, they have issues...
by ekolis August 01, 2014
In a game, something that takes a lot of damage, then suffers Critical Existence Failure, without gradually losing functionality as it takes damage.
"Characters in D&D are such HP buckets! Play a real RPG that has a proper wound system!"
by ekolis June 24, 2013
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