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when ur cock is so horned up it's leaking precum and jumping up and down, you've got a throbbing cock
Damn I got a throbbing cock right now. I need to jerk off!
by ekimo February 13, 2009
clear, salty, and runny liquid that comes out of your cock when you jerk off or have a throbbing hard cock in your underwear or get sucked. Basically when you are very horned up.
Damn, I've been jerking off for 5 hrs and my cock is all wet with cock pre-juice!

My underwear always get wet and smelly because my cock pumps out pre-juice whenever it gets throbbing hard.

I love sucking his cock because his cock pumps out a lot of tasty pre-juice when I suck him off.
by ekimo February 14, 2009
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