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Mostly seen now adays when posers write it on there bags or hands. They never have any idea what it means, and probably have no interest in politics whatsoever.
person 1 "oh my god ANARCHY MAN I HATE THE GOVERNMENT!!!!"

person 2 "shut up"
by egon October 25, 2004
Absinthe is a herbal spirit, typically of green colour, and it contains the active agents of a herb called wormwood or vermouth (artemisia absinthium).

In a newspaper ad of 1769 the two Henriod sisters from Neuchatel, Switzerland, advertised their remedy "Bon Extrait d'Absinthe" which consisted of alcohol, wormwood, aniseed, lemon balm and other herbs. This formula was later distributed by a certain Dr. Ordinaire – and the success story of the "Green Fairy" was born. Around the year 1800 the formula was sold to Mr. H. L. Pernod of Pontarlier, France, where a minor production line was started and helped Pernod to gain a fame that lasted until our present time.

During the Algier War in the 19th century France made use of the inciting effects of Absinthe and provided the Soldiers with regular rations of the liquor. The veterans who had survived this war soon pushed the production output from 400 liters daily (appr. 90 gallons) to more than 20.000 liters (appr. 5.000 gallons) a day and more. Absinthe distilleries started to spread all over France like mushrooms.

However, artists and intellectuals of those times were the ones especially devoted to Absinthe. Many great works of contemporary art owe their existence to the inspiring effects of the spirit. Great names like Baudelaire, Manet, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, van Gogh, Gauguin and Picasso are found among these early adepts of Absinthe.

For different reasons around 1910 the total turnover of Absinthe distribution had reached immeasurable peaks. Many distilleries made use of low-grade alcohol which in some not too rare cases caused blindness among the consumers. These irresponsible dealings with the drink finally resulted in the prohibition of Absinthe in (almost) all countries of Europe by the year 1920.

Since in 1981 (and again in 1998) the European Community has returned to legalizing the production and distribution of Absinthe, the cult around this drink has experienced a true revival. Starting from London, Absinthe is about to conquer the club & party scene and leaves them all plunging back into the euphory of the 19th century.
"Absinthe is yummy"
by Egon May 07, 2005
Type of warrior in ancient Avocadia. Known for using "special herbs" before battle to throw themselves into a frenzy. Often the "special herbs" would have the unintended result of putting them into a stupor in which their sense of logic would be diminished. These warriors had only one fear and one great enemy: the Dreaded Haircut.
Behold, yonder rossum on ye olde yonder hill has consumed the "special herbs"! I fear for the sanctity of our womenfolk and livestockfolk!
by Egon June 19, 2004
An editor who is sick of these people treating this site like its a chatroom and rejects every stupid comment or insult or opinion here.
egon is changing the way this website is used
by Egon May 07, 2005
"Coostie" Meaning great or good
"When we went out on Saturday we had a Coostie Night...."
by Egon November 23, 2004
where Boston goes to visit, probably to study marine science and tell everyone they are socially conditioned.
boston doesn't conform to cults, he would rather use his bbbrrraaaaiiiinnnn power to read new scientist. he is a nerd, and proud of it
by egon January 20, 2005
phoenetic version of "land lovers" in pirate-talk.
often used as an insult, likened to "cowards" who are afraid of life on the high seas.
ninjas are obviously cooler than pirates, however.
"YARGH! AVAST! Lilly livered land lubbers!!"
*ninja death stars them*
by egon November 12, 2004
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