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A sports car that has a mechanical (older convertibles had to have the top removed manually) folding soft or hardtop instead of a fixed roof. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT only chick cars and are NOT cars for just old or gay guys. If you go to some car shows, you will see some convertibles that have been turned from cruisers into full blown beasts.
Tommy: Dude you got a convertible?
Freddy: Yea so?
Tommy: You're so gay!
Freddy: If I'm so gay, why is your girl riding shotgun with me?
Tommy: Gah!
Freddy: Oh and for the record, I hear you talking shit about my ride, saying how your coupe can beat it. Well guess what, my convertible is pushing out 800hp so do you still wanna talk shit or do you wanna race?
Tommy: No dude it's ok...boy I was wrong about you convertible guys. I'm sorry man. But hey can I have my girl back?
Freddy: No! Fuck off!
by eghegjsefsd November 02, 2006
Pimp: Ay ho...BMW!
Ho: What? I aint got yo car!
Pimp: I aint talking about the car bitch! Blow my wang ho!
Ho: Oh,ok!
by eghegjsefsd November 02, 2006

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