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meaning one of 2 similar personalities...

also referred to as TWIN
either gives akward hugs or plays musical guitar and wears funny hats, both have sloth like features. cannot resist the flavor of a wholesome watermelon breeze freeze.... sweet hair. nifty glasses. purpleish tint. strangely appealing. great at getting girls into tubs.

loved by many, hated by 6 1/2
-often use the terminology "sweet bro" and "didnt ask"
dude, check that kid with the hair, hes gotta be a quinn.

me: hey do you smell watermelon?
bay: oo thats just quinn sippin on his breeze freeze

-yo nig i heard you be with that girl all night in dat bathroom

- ya i totally pulled a quinn
by eggrolls&watermelon December 03, 2009

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