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2 definitions by eggpress1

A fart so powerful, the shock waves generated will destroy your intestines and snap your spinal cord. Meanwhile, creating the most intense sense of relief, so your impending death is almost accepted in a gracious manner. The time and place a mega fart will occur is not determinable.
*Only documented case was of a fat man who literally exploded from the chest down and was also decapitated by the force.
Was that a megafart?....Trick question. No one has ever survived a mega fart.
by eggpress1 August 24, 2006
Eggpress's testicle ottoman which is purple in color and football in shape.
Oh great nut! Have you ever seen such a large ball?!
Calm down my son, tis only the purple football of our small friend, Eggpress.
by eggpress1 September 04, 2006