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An extremely long dump that is so large that the head pokes up out of the water in the toilet bowl, while the body remains submerged, much like photographs that claim to show the infamous Nessie.

The key difference between a floater and a LNM is that only the head shows on the water's surface with a LNM, whereas a floater's entire body floats on the surface.
I think I just sighted the Loch Ness Monster in the bathroom.

Dude, I just dropped a Loch Ness Monster in your shitter... where's your plunger?
by eetmaicrank September 22, 2009
General term for loose-fitting, very casual clothing (such as exercise shorts and a t-shirt) usually worn on weekends spent lounging around the house and/or doing chores that may result in a person getting dirty. Occasionally worn for exercise or quick trips to the store, although being spotted in nut clothes is unfortunate.

May be worn by both males and females.

Exact meaning of the use of "nut" is unclear but could refer to: 1) clothes that a man has nutted into or used to clean up nut spillage, 2) the looseness of the shorts revealing the man's nuts, or, 3) the ratty nature of the clothes, like the unkempt appearance of a wild, unshaven nut sac.
Tom: What are you doing this weekend?

Dick: Nothing really. Probably going to spend Saturday and Sunday in my nut clothes, watching football.

Harry: I think I'm going to have to break down and get new nut clothes because the old ones are so nasty that even I can't take it anymore.
by eetmaicrank September 22, 2009
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