2 definitions by eek zeke

to pull out of a girl while missionary...and bust a nut shot right up her nasal and straight to her brain!

"Her head was tilted back just right and I gave her a nice robin hood...stupid ass biiiitch!!! she was like ooohhh ahhhh hahahahah it went straight to my brain"

from the target practice scene in robin hood movie
by eek zeke January 07, 2008
to bust a hot load on your girlfriend's face/hair right before you break up with her or it's just plain gone sour....oh yea while she's sleeping!

Damn I thought I invented this term and it's definition...I did it myself to a stupid ass biiitch in '03
"The bitch said something.. I couldn't believe..so I gave the stupid ass cunt a sleeping beauty!"

kinda like the eazy e line
by eek zeke January 07, 2008

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