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insult, bum-like eyes
bumeyes bumeyes bob is a bumeyes
by eej January 27, 2005
Plural: Catharses
1. The release of emotions or emotional tension to restore or refresh the spirit. Venting.
2. Medical Term - Purging, especially the digestive tract. See hurl, blow chunks
1. I got so frustrated after watching the Matrix Revolutions that as a catharsis, I decided to give a girl a good emeril.

2. See that skanky ho? She might look skinny, but really, she has her own little catharsis every night, after her midnight binge.
by Eej November 13, 2003
alternative for fart
what a smelly bumcloud!
by eej January 27, 2005
(n) The term applied to the exceedingly (depending where one lives) rare situation where two (possibly more) seperate eggs from a woman are fertilized by sperm from two (or more) men.
Chan never did know why his fraternal twin brother was black until he heard of the term superfecundation. He never looked at his mother the same way again.
by Eej October 21, 2003
An adjective used to describe someone who is very masculine. Especially used in terms of women who have a very manly physique and have the face to match. Often used to describe lesbians and feminists.
"Sweet Jesus, I'd never go out with that butch chick, it'd be like sleeping with a guy!"
by Eej February 13, 2003

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