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|əˈnoi-i ng-ēˈou |

A combination of annoying and Yingyao. Annoying, as we all know means causing irritation or infuriation; making people angry. Yingyao is a Chinese from Singapore who exemplifies not only exponential annoyance, but of certain stupidity and dumbness.
- Justin Bieber is annoyingyao.
- My lecturer keeps repeating himself over and over again. He is annyingyao.
by eeeeeetan September 08, 2010

A play on words, it mainly is competitive, which means having displays of a strong desire to be more successful than others; to be above the rest. Pamela, or Pam for short, is a competitive girl in TP Singapore. Therefore when combined, compamtitive is formed and it means exponentially substantially competitive.
- That girl is always at the top. She is so compamtitive.
- Compamtitive people always move and work faster so as to get above the rest.
by eeeeeetan September 09, 2010

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