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An activity of sexual pleasure.

To Ashley-Tia is to mouth-fuck someone and use all of your body's strength to get it as deep and hard as possible. It can be performed by two people or performed with a group of people.
Person A:I'm feeling so hard
Person B:That's good, I've been wanted to Ashley-Tia all night
Person A:Brilliant, I've been working out recently
by eedeelfc May 26, 2013
An activity of sexual pleasure

To Harry-Bethany is to put broken up cheese and onion crisps on another person's nipple(s) and then to lick or suck the crisps crumbs off. It must be performed with two or more people.
Person A:Hey, it's 9:25!
Person B:Already? I'll get the crisps and you can prepare yourself for the best Harry-Bethany of your life!
Person A:You know how I like it.
by eedeelfc May 24, 2013
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