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To sarcastically hate on something when you really don't hate whatever you're hating on. To hate on something for the sole purpose of laughter.
Today: Marissa, that fat ass bitch!
Tomorrow: I don't judge people based on their size.

Today: Fuck I hate Lil Wayne

Tomorow: lil li li lick you like a lolipop

"Man I fucking hate strippers! Let's go buy some lapdances lolhate"
#lol #hate #lolhate #sarcasm #swag
by edwardskelter November 14, 2011
When a female places a tampon in both her vagina and her butt. Double string swag can also occur if a tampon applicator is mis manufactored with two tampon absorbers in the same applicator, causing a girl to insert two strings into her vagina.
Guy: Babe! Why is there a string hanging out of your butt?
Girl: I'm on my period and I'm too based for one tampon. I got that double string swag. Wooot!
#tampon #strings #swag #katie v #sexy nasty
by edwardskelter June 16, 2011
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