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The Hottest, Sweatiest and most uncomfortable Heat ever experienced by a human being!
Holy Shit, It's hotter then Satans Asshole in here!!

Hey Don, it's as hot as Satans Asshole outside today!! maybe we should go to the pool.

That Jalapeno was so hot that my mouth feels like Satans Asshole!!
by Edub923 September 11, 2010
The act of having a Female or male lubricating (generally using spit and saliva from the mouth) the palm of there hand and then jerking there partner or ones self off, the effect of this is to simulate the wetness of being up inside a vagina. Named after Patrick Ewing (N.Y. Knicks legendary center) who would be drenched like a slip n slide after a game.
A.K.A Wet palm sex.
Hey baby, if we cant have sex tonight why don't you give me a Ewing??

Wow i just tried giving myself a Ewing and it feels better then the way i usually masturbate!!

Brenda really lubed up her hand with spit and jerked me off last night it felt like i was inside her pussy..... she told me it's called a Ewing!?!?!
by edub923 September 14, 2010

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