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The esteemed half-term Governor Sarah Palin(R-Pluto) developed this neologism as a means to demonstrate her unparalleled capacity for steadfast denial of fact and truth.

Refudiate comes from the root "repudiate," and when combined Palin's all-american bravado and insistence that she's right even when she's wrong, a new word is added to the national lexicon.

Common "repudiate" meanings:

Refuse to accept or be associated with

Deny the truth or validity of

Palin "refudiate" meanings:

Refuse to accept or be associated with anything that doesn't serve my political agenda.

Deny the truth or validity of ANYTHING at my discretion, ESPECIALLY when it is actually true.

In summary, "refudiate" generally means: to deny and disassociate oneself from the truth at all costs.
I did not quit as Governor, I refudiate that. I was forced out by the gotcha media and the global liberal conspiracy determined to rob of us of our divine right to shoot wolves from helicopters.
by edgecity February 20, 2011
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