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2 definitions by eddiered

A liquor shot made of equal parts Stoli Raz, Stoli Blu, and orange Sparks energy malt liquor. Named because it is sweet and disgusting at the same time. Add a sugar rim and a cherry for a more appealing look.
Guy1: Yo I wanna get Tina drunk so I can hit it tonight but she doesn't really drink.
Guy2: Give her some sexual predators, she'll be begging for it in no time.
by eddiered April 01, 2008
A hot girl who is under the legal age for consensual sex. Named after Chris Hanson, the host of Dateline NBC: "To Catch a Predator" series.
Guy1: Dude check out that hottie!
Guy2: She's a total Hanson, thats prison time brotha!

Guy: I was at my little brothers high school football game last night. The place was crawling with Hansons.
by eddiered April 01, 2008