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6 definitions by eddieboy1 400

Any slim female over 6 ft tall.
Slinndarella look fly with her hot pants on,
by eddieboy1 400 February 13, 2010
A female less than 5 ft tall who likes to put down a man And Bitch when there is a audience around, like monkeys put on a show at the Zoo when the crowd gathers.
My neighbors wife is a real monkey bitch, she follows him around and bitch about everthing, she would`t shut the fuck up.
by eddieboy1 400 February 13, 2010
A pay check.
Man i got 2 jobs micky dz, and taxi wish, I would like to get some extra" payment paper " for it.
by eddieboy1 400 March 11, 2010
A male who into the gay, Bi, Homo life style on the down low.
My home boy is" sweet n low " enjoying the gay life an no one knows,
by eddieboy1 400 March 22, 2010
A Black female cream pie.
What would you do for a klondike bar, would you eat it? shoot a load on it? What would you do for a klondie bar?
by eddieboy1 400 February 11, 2010
A old person driving a priuses, conserving resources,wasting time, & holding up traffic.
A Pokemon made me late for a date, today, they got on my F**King nerves,
by eddieboy1 400 February 17, 2010