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An implement used for climbing .. Some retract, some are metal, some are made of wood.
The roofer was very adept with his long ladder.
by eddieQ July 30, 2005
the day after today ... What happens after its midnight.
Tomorrow, tomorrow ... it soon will be tomorrow its only a day away ...

Lets go see a movie tomorrow.

Hey its 1:00 am ... today must be tomorrow.
by eddieQ June 24, 2005
Also from playing too much Playstation or XBox, or just zoning out on TV.
I had couchlock from playing that Gran Turismo 4 game.


I had couchlock from watching the NCAA tournament all day.
by eddieQ April 20, 2005
A building that may only be a few floors but goes on for hundreds of meters.
Wow, this building is only 5 stories high but a high mile long. Yep, that's a horizontal skyscraper.
by eddieQ March 06, 2016
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