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An exceptional type of erection/boner often induced by the internet which raises your desk by around 1-2 inches.
When Ringham turns on the internet its usually only 5 minutes before something gives him a deskraiser. Can often be attributed to midget porn and or Emma Watson.
#erection #boner #internet #porn #horny #excitement #midget #emma watson
by eddbutter March 11, 2013
a term given to a coffee consisting of about 1/3rd instant coffee granules and upwards of 6 teaspoons of sugar. can often leave a taste that stays with you for days and give your heart the kickstart it needs
Gonna pull an all nighter, I think this calls for a heartstopper else I doubt I'll make it through the night
#coffee #caffine #esspresso #energy #monster #relentless #energy drinks #heartattack #diabetes
by eddbutter March 19, 2013
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