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Quite possibly the most popular saying among the members of the Wu-Tang Clan
That nigga Shamiek just got bust in his head two times, guy. Word is bond.
by edd0 August 29, 2003
Recording artist on El-P's Def Jux imprint. Responsible for such classics as FLOAT and LABOR DAYS. Straight up dope.
"Who The FUCK is Aes Rock?!" - Coma
by edd0 August 29, 2003
A school located in Key Biscayne Florida. Houses some of the illest craziest thugs in the entire planet.
"yo son, betta watch yah self or i'ma get mah boy from mast academy to fuck you up and then fuck yo bitch. straight up"
by edd0 August 29, 2003
The dopest, most unstoppable hip hop label since Def Jam.
"Cuz muthafuckers are bored!"
by edd0 August 29, 2003
One of the dopest emcees of this era and any era. Honest, dope, self-depreciating. But mostly just on fire! (part of rap group Atmosphere)
Slug loves Lucy Ford.
by edd0 August 31, 2003
The riots and chaos that ensues following Vince Carter posterizing someone
"Vince dunked right OVER that white boy! It's vinsanity in here!!"
by edd0 August 29, 2003
Raekwon The Chef's way of letting you know he is dead serious.
Check the end of Pete Rock's verse on "Respect Mine" off of Soul Survivor for an example.
by edd0 May 10, 2004

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