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One's lame excuse will often render this response.
Gina: I can't go out tonight Bill, because I'm washing my hair.
Bill: Piss off Gina. Your excuses are like asses. You always have one, and nobody wants to hear it.
by ed rogers May 24, 2004
A strip club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The official establishment name is Deja' Vu. However, everyone knows it as and calls it, "The Vu."
Jim: Hey Bill, wanna head over to The Vu?
Bill: You know they're slogan, "Hundreds of beautiful girls, and three ugly ones?" Last time I was there the three ugly ones were working.
Jim: Shit...well hopefully we'll have better luck tonight!
by Ed Rogers June 17, 2004
Any person who uses Oxy brand acne cleansing products. Made popular by a Clearasil commercial in the early 1990's.
Don't be an Oxy MORON...try our new and improved Clearasil pads!
by Ed Rogers June 17, 2004

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