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A sock one ejeculates into.
Also: magic sock
Larry's special sock stinks
by Ed November 12, 2003
vb intr. - messed up, broken, not functioning according to design
(vb. trans. - kack = break)
The sysadmin finally resigned himself to the fact that -- despite his best efforts -- the Linux server was kacked.
by Ed July 28, 2003
Stepping in a puddle and getting your shoe wet.

In my experience always seemed to happen in the snowy months: Slipping on the snow when jumping across the creek, stepping through the thin ice on the side of a pond, falling through a spring snow bank that has been hollowed out by the thaw's runoff.
Bob McKenzie is standing knee-deep in a vat of beer which is quickly rising:
"My brother and I used to say that drownin' in beer was like heaven, eh? Now he's not here, and I've got two soakers... this isn't heaven, this sucks."
by Ed December 17, 2004
Sometimes known as bootlegs this now infamous style of music has been around aslong as it has been poosible for anyone to get their hands on a mixer and/or recording software and learn how to use it.

The Style was first seen in Ibiza where DJ's would mix and old fave song with a new song - bringing fresh new sound. Recently the style has progressed massivly with people like "Poj Masta" starting to use "Aphex Twin" style mixing programmes to produce the slickest glitch and bootleg tracks the world has ever seen.

Others say that this style has only just become popular - mainly becuase of the RIAA's constant copyright grabbing. As bootlegging is Illigal it is still officially a crime - but most artists mind this less as some people feel inclined to buy their music after hearing a really good bootleg / Bastard Pop remix.
Poj Masta's Version of Toxic by britney.
by Ed December 25, 2004
a person, usually a girl, who is way too classix to bone
dave: you well want to bone her don't you
ed: no shes an alene
by ed July 07, 2004
The defining point between the area of land considered the 'South' of England, and that considered the 'North'.
Aye, it's grim oop north o' the Watford Gap.
by Ed March 04, 2004
To dismiss a specific activity.
I fucked off meeting Bob to stay in bed.
Had an exam earlier. Fucked it off.
by Ed May 06, 2004

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