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1 definition by eclipseballer603

popular method of thwarting muggers. Patented by self defense instructor Brett Kaywood and has proved to be effective in the only laboaratory that matters: The streets. When confronted by a mugger, the method consists of 2 simple steps:

1) Gain wrist control

2) Pull out your gun

This technique can be used in many situations such as:

- You're walking home from work when a mugger confronts you in a back alleyway because he wants crack.

- Your best friend mugs you at his barbacue because he wants your money to buy crack.

- Your mugger is sleeping in their own bed (remember to climb in through the window) and is mugging you for crack.

- Your mugger is bound by the wrists in the trunk of your car and he is mugging you because he needs crack.

Person 1: I heard it was your grandma's 100th birthday today. How did that go?

Person 2: She tried mugging me to buy crack so I used what I learned from Self Defense and pulled out my gun.
by eclipseballer603 December 01, 2008