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Abbreviation for Nintendo Entertainment System. Can only apply to the original Nintendo.
The first Final Fantasy was released on the NES.
by ECHOSIDE February 22, 2003
A command that provokes someone to make a symbol or sign identifying their gang affiliation.
Represent, mothafucka.
by ECHOSIDE February 22, 2003
Postal Abbreviation for the State of Minnesota in The United States.
21046 County Road 13,
Minneapolis, MN, 58696
United States
by Echoside September 11, 2004

1) A place believed by some Juggalos to be an eternally horrible place containing Hell. Can be compared to the Christian religion's Hell.

2) An emcee from Minnesota.
1) "Hell is just a tomb resting in the Echoside." - VIOLENT J

2) Yo did you see that ninja Echoside running around with that hatchet last night?
by Echoside February 06, 2004
An object used as a exclamation of high importance or extremity.
It's cold as a motherfucker out here!
by ECHOSIDE February 22, 2003
1) An abbreviation for 'a part of me'
2) A toilet
3) A funny, slang variation of the word 'epitome'
I sat on the epotome for so long that it feels as if it has become epotome.
by Echoside May 05, 2005
NOUN : A male with 3 testicles instead of 2.

NOUN (2) : The third testicle in such a position.

NOUN (3) : Slang for extraterrestrial.
Extratesticles are normal people like you and I. You would never know someone was an extratesticle if you saw them walking down the street.
by Echoside March 31, 2005

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