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a flaming homo, one who gobbles the knob, one who enjoys giving other fudge packin' ass jockeys head, one who also usually enjoys tossin' salads
i stopped to take a leak at the rest stop at the georgia/alabama state line and accidentally walked in a couple of root gobblers suckin' each other off in the bathroom. a guy in a rebel flag shirt walked in after me and beat the living shit out both of them
by echoman February 27, 2004
someone who looks like a rat with squinty pink eyes shortly after smoking some doobage. often named bill or william. generally fond of watermelon sized breasts and the bass guitar.
the bass player in the band was named bill and he had smoked a bunch of weed while jammin. someone turned up the lights and he looked just like a giant fucking rat, except that he stood upright and was holding a bass guitar and a cold bass ale.
by echoman February 27, 2004

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