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When you are in a manual transmission vehicle, and you shift from 2nd gear to 4th or 5th, or 1st to 3rd. Typically works best if you are going down a hill.
We were running a yellow light and Dad stalled out the Escort doing the taxicab shuffle.
by ecdthefirst May 15, 2006
1. When you are driving, you go into Scotch Overdrive when you shift into Neutral. (Saving fuel, being a pinchpenny.)

2. Trying very hard to save money, to the point where you annoy others with your cost-saving antics.
1. We were cruising downhill on Main Street when he went into Scotch Overdrive.

2. Contractor went into Scotch Overdrive - sent us on a 5 mile detour just for some cheaper nails.
by ecdthefirst May 15, 2006

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