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A combination of the words 'pun' and 'funny.' Can be used after a person says a funny pun, or sarcastically if the pun is not funny.
"-he told us ten puns, hoping one would get a laugh. No pun in ten did.

-very punny..."
by easytoremember July 22, 2010
1- phrase used to insult people who are not good at sports, such as football or Russian Snake Charming, or any other activity requiring strength/ panflutes.

2- common insult used on people who have not/ do not eat Snickers before important events, such as football or Colombian Tennis.
1- Come on Detmenkov, you're like Betty White out there, man up!

2- Hey Elizaboria, eat this Snickers, you're playing like Betty White! We need 4 more points or they'll keep the cocaine!
by easytoremember September 16, 2010
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